How Interesting We’ve been through the big three at a cursory level.  We’ll come back through in future courses and dive a bit deeper, but for now we have the last major niche.  That is Interest.  Some topics are a matter of pure interest and serve no other purpose than to indulge curiosity or enjoyment.… Read More

It’s All Relative Let’s dive into the relationship niches now. ♫ Do you need anybody? ♪ I need somebody to love! ♫ Does that sound like a problem to be solved?  Absolutely. For a personal blog, you are likely to express yourself in terms of a relationship you have had, would like to have or would… Read More

Oh My, That’s Rich Hello, again.  We’ve had a quick taste of the health niche and learned a bit about evergreen markets.  Let’s get into the rich flavors of wealth. As before, we’ll start with the idea of a personal interest site.  Certainly, wealth can readily be associated with marketing and one automatically associates one… Read More

To Your Good Health So, last time we spoke a bit about picking a niche that is both interesting and profitable whether one is doing a personal site or one for business purposes. Typically, in the case of a personal site you will have a specific health matter in mind.  Perhaps you’re an exercise enthusiast.… Read More

The Four Basic Niches When deciding what to compose a site or web business on, there are four basic niches to select from.  The niches in question are: Health Wealth Relationships Interests These core niches can be dialed down to a specific niche that you might find interesting, profitable or both.  Let’s stop and consider… Read More